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KSCCTV is now in the business to help you secure your home, your shop lot, and your industrial facility in the most convenient and the most efficient way – through installing CCTV cameras and alarm systems all over your property. We are happy to know that a lot of home and commercial owners are starting to realize that a simple combination of lock and key cannot keep thieves away so they now see the beauty of having more than one CCTV device put in place.

KSCCTV is the top CCTV installation company that you can ever find all over Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We offer our services to:

  • Make your home and workplace safer
  • Decrease or completely eliminate theft in your factory
  • Help you monitor the happenings in your home and your store even when you are not physically there
  • Increase you peace of mind, as well as your staff’s, by knowing that you are all safe while working

What is KSCCTV Made Of?

Company Expertise

Our company is considered as an expert when it comes CCTV, door access security, and alarm installations. Our tremendous team is always on the lookout for the newest and the best brand of CCTV and the best techniques on installing CCTV so that we can serve our clients in the greatest way possible.

KSCCTV Strength

The KSCCTV’s strength comes from our installers and contractors who never fail to demonstrate their skills, compassion and expertise in installing CCTV cameras and other security system in the homes, companies and offices of our customers.

KSCCTV Promise

KSCCTV promises to be the best CCTV installation company in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We also promise to supply the best kind of CCTV cameras, alarm and door access security systems to all of our customers.

Prompt Project Delivery

Whenever and wherever you want our services, we will surely be there. KSCCTV has never been late to finishing any project, and our staff always come prepared and well-knowledgeable about the kind of security system that you want to be installed. When we promise something, we always try to deliver.

Our Professional Skills

CCTV Solution 98%
Alarm & CCTV Integration 93%
Door Access & CCTV System 85%

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